Why the colour of tomato is red?

Since tomato is very popular fruit as because of widely used as edible material such as in Salad,vegitable and also as fruit.
So we want to discuss it’s colour and their binomial name.
It’s binomial name is Solanum lycopersium.


It is edible,often red berry-type fruit. Tomatoes contain two types of pigments for photosynthesis-chlorophyll which is green,and lycopene,which is red. When tomatoes start to grow,they contain much less lycopene than chlorophyll,which gives them their green colour.
But when harnest season arrives,the days shorter and temperatures drop,causing chlorophyll to dissolve and lycopene to take over the shade of the fruit. During this time,sugar levels rise,acid levels drop,and the tomato softens.it becomes ready to eat.


But by artificially it is ripen by using repening agent called ethylene gas.


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